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Need Team Insurance for Baseball, Basketball or Softball?

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of AYSAA is the ability to get insurance for your team from a reputable source and at an economical price.

Our partner for insurance has more than a decade of experience in youth sports insurance. Their reputation and experience has resulted in them being called upon for advice to the youth sports community. This includes parks and recreation departments, youth associations, youth leagues, camps, tournaments, etc. Their knowledge and experience allows them to select only the highest quality insurance carriers that understand the sports marketplace. Additionally, only experienced agents handle the insurance needs of teams through AYSAA.

AYSAA Per Team Annual Membership Fee - $25.00

Additional Charges for Insurance:
Team Insurance for Age Groups 12 & Under - $65.00
Team Insurance for Age Groups 13-15 - $90.00
Team Insurance for Age Groups 16-18 - $115.00

General Liability Coverage

Insurer - An A+ Rated Liability Insurance Company
$1,000,000Each Occurrence Limit
$5,000,000General Aggregate Limit (other than Products-Completed Operations)
$1,000,000Products Completed Operations Aggregate Limit
$5,000Medical Expense Limit (excludes athletic participants)
$1,000,000Legal Liability to Participants per Occurrence
$1,000,000Professional Liability per Wrongful Act
$1,000,000Hired & Non-Owned Automobile Coverage (Not provided while in Hawaii)
$1,000,000Damage to Premises Rented to You
$1,000,000Personal & Advertising Injury

Accident Medical Coverage

Insurer - An A+ Rated Liability Insurance Company
$25,000Medical Payments for Participants - Excess, per Participant
$250Deductible per Claim

Insurance Policy Term: One year from effective date.

Insurance Agent: Terry L Green & Associates dba eSportsInsurance.

If you need higher limits, please email

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Insurance for Other Sports

If you need insurance for another sport, our insurance partner will be able to handle that directly. Click on their logo below to be directed to their web site.

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